Our Van Conversion Process

Through our close and successful partnership with Caledonian Conversions, voted the best campervan conversion company in the UK, we can customise every inch of your chosen VW Transporter to accommodate all of your unique tastes and requirements.

Step 1: The first stage involves a chat with our customisation team. We will get an idea for your tastes, budget, and needs, and come up with a plan for a vehicle which provides a solution to all of your requests while remaining affordable.

Step 2: At this point, the rest of the work is entirely up to us. To begin with, we will source an appropriate vehicle from one of our diverse suppliers. We will find a reliable vehicle which is running smoothly no matter how much you choose to spend.

Step 3: For the customisation process, we will hand it over to Caledonian Conversions -- a fantastic company which has been officially recognised as the best campervan conversion company in the UK. They will take care of the complete customisation and provide an incredibly detailed finish according to your precise specifications.

Step 4: Once the conversion has been completed the van will be ready for you to start travelling and exploring!