About Us

Welcome to Your Camper, purveyors, creators, and designers of quality customised Volkswagen Transporter Campervans to accommodate all budgets and tastes. Whether you choose one of the vans we have available or have our team source and have one converted for you, we will make sure you never look back.

We carry one of the largest stocks of Volkswagen Transporter Campervans in Scotland at various price points; have a look through our website to explore the diverse range which have undergone hand built bespoke conversions that are ready to be put to the test. Alternatively, give us a call or drop us an email, and we will work with you to find something that suits your needs.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, we will take care of the very first stage of the process right through to the last. In short, with just a chat with us, we will make sure you secure your dream customised travelling vehicle.

In short, it is our job to make it as smooth and easy for you to acquire a vehicle which strikes the perfect balance between style, luxury, and practicality while making sure that each and every penny you spend meets its full potential.

Our Showroom

With one of the largest inventories of custom built Volkswagen Transporter campervans in Scotland, we have a number of vehicles ready to drive away today. With affordable pricing starting at £25,000, for vehicles containing a brand new conversions we strive to make sure there are options for everyone.

All of the vehicles we currently offer are available to view on our website, and our staff are available to answer any questions you might have. In order to fully appreciate just how impressive these vehicles are, we encourage you to visit our showroom and see for yourself!

Create Your Own Campervan

Our dedicated team have created a service which makes the overwhelming task of sourcing, designing, and building your own custom campervan almost effortless.

Some projects are just not worth taking on as an amateur or hobbyist. It can be difficult to know what you are looking for in terms of sourcing the base vehicle, it can be overwhelming to lay out everything that you require, and the actual conversion process is just unrealistic for most people.

Our aim is to take over this complicated process for you, doing everything necessary to put you behind the wheel of a vehicle which provides the perfect balance between comfort, practicality, and style.

The Customisation Process

Firstly, we will sit down with you and develop a plan which accommodates your taste, requirements, and budget. Although we will offer all of the advice you need to create your ideal vehicle, every last decision will be entirely down to you.

We will get to know exactly what you want the van to be able to do, where it needs to go, and what it needs to cost. Using the constraints of your individual budget, we will develop a plan which makes sure every last penny you spend is being used to its full potential.

Then, we will get to work sourcing a vehicle which suits your needs. From style to mileage, model, and anything else you might desire, we have access to a vast number of suppliers and will work to ensure you don't just settle for a vehicle but receive one perfectly tailored for the job.

Whether you choice is one of our stylish Camper King conversions or you go for the more bespoke Your Camper in house conversions, we endeavour to customise every inch of your chosen Volkswagen Transporter to accommodate all of your unique tastes and requirements

Camper King

Alongside our own bespoke conversions we offer two stunning Camper King conversions, the St Tropez and the Monte Carlo. With many colour and upholstery combinations available they have been at the forefront of VW Transporter Conversions for many years.

As the UKs largest Volkswagen Transporter convertor, Camper king have amassed over a decade of experience during which they have put over 1000 vehicles on the road and we are proud to bring their product to the market.

From unrivalled custom upholstery work to bold colour options, and much, much more, Camper King have all of the skills required to make the vision we develop with you into Your Camper.